17 Apr 2017
  • New animations
  • Updated jQuery to 3.2.1
  • New file structure in Nova to easier test multiple versions of the front-end, and to add more clarity
28 Jan 2017
  • Design changes
  • jQuery updated 3.1 -> 3.1.1
  • Changes to changelog
6 Jan 2017
  • New design: Every page has been rebuild up from the bottom with a new style
  • Cloud: New CMS developed for the site
  • Nova: New backend engine developed for this site
  • Several plugins has been discarded in favor of own developed integrated plugins
  • The site no longer use Google Analystics, but instead an integrated system in Nova to collect statistics of the use of the site
  • New automatic error reporting will automatically find and report errors on pages as the user visits them.
15 (final)
8 Dec 2016
6 Oct 2016
  • Updated navigation buttons on the home page and error pages, so they now work without AtvImg plugin
  • Removed AtvImg plugin
  • New code for changing volume and seeking in songs on the music page, so it work in a more logical way
12 Sep 2016
  • New optimized back-end
  • Automatic generation of sitemap.xml
  • Optimized code
11 Sep 2016
  • The changelog now contains screenshots of all versions of the site that I've been able to find
  • Updated changelog to have year in date
8 Sep 2016
  • Bugfixes
  • Music player has been updated
  • Miscellaneous design updates
  • Edited cookie text on the information page
  • New footer
  • New header
28 Jul 2016
  • Big markup update
  • Use of the Foundation framework has been fazed out over the last couple of months, since pretty much all it was used for, could be replaced with my own mini framework
  • Design updates on multiple pages and elements
  • Search engine optimization
  • Added schematic JSON notation for richer search results on Google
  • Every page has been updated with HMTL5 tags like
  • Updated sitemap.xml to include newer pages, and exlude pages no longer available. Also added Wallpaper images
  • Removed Foundation framework
  • JavaScript cleanup
  • Admin updates
  • jQuery has been updated from 1.11 to 3.1 -If you're still using Internet Explorer 8 or less, There's generally no hope for you
15.10.1 6 Aug 2016
  • New icons in page header and on atvImg links
25 Jul 2016
  • Updated PHP version to 7
  • New language dialog
  • Updated back-end
  • Changed 404 errors to no longer redirect to another page
8 Jul 2016
  • Big design update
  • App icons replaced by new 3D icons inspired by the Apple TV
  • Home page updated
  • Project page updated
  • Wallpapers page updated
  • Information page updated
  • Various elements has been updated
  • New plug-in: atvImg for 3D icons on the home page, and on 404/403 pages
5 May 2016
  • Updated admin
  • New page: Projects replaces Games and Web pages
  • Removed Games and Web pages
  • New Project: CreepyPasta added to projects
17 Apr 2016
  • Admin re-design
  • Updated music player: better mobile design, and volume control
  • Updated design
16 Apr 2016
  • New footer design
  • Ripple: ripple effect on various links
  • New music page: I made a mp3 player as to avoid using a service on a different domain with iframes (I used BandCamp before), and to get control over styling
  • Updated design
23 Mar 2016
  • New page: Changelog has been moved from information to a separate page
  • Updated logo: small changes for a more flat and clean look
  • Updated content on the game page
  • updated content on the information page
  • updated design: On /martin the content got a facelift, on the frontpage app links has been updated og the header got a new background
  • Favicon: updated and theres now a mask-icon
  • Updated menu: language is changes from a flag to a submenu
10 Mar 2016
  • New menu: The new menu is transparent instead of dark grey, menu items are no longer split up in equal sized blocks that stretch to the full width of the page, text is no longer all-caps, animation when hovering over an item and it now shows the active page
  • Updated footer: small changes in the background colors
  • New games page: less information but contains links to dedicated pages for each game
  • New page: Asteroids, can be found under games
  • New page: Murby, can be found under games
24 Feb 2016
  • Changes to back-end
  • Support for subpages
  • Fixed a bug where multiple links led to the same page e.g. /spil and /games both led to the danish games page and /en/games and /en/spil both led to the english. Where only /spil and /en/games should have worked
  • Simplified admin editing
1 Feb 2016
  • New home page: Links on the home page got a new design inspired by apps from phones
  • Added the four links at the bottom of the footer
  • The background is a little darker
  • Links to social network (and mail) in the footer has been updated to the same design as on the home page
28 Jan 2016
  • New design: The site now has a more full-width design so it not only works great on mobile devices but also on larger resolutions (above 1200px wide)
  • Fixed a few spelling errors
  • Updated Foundation from version 5 to 6
  • Simpler menu for navigation, the previous menu has been split into the menu at the top of the page and the footer
  • Much less JavaScript is needed for the new design, and people with JavaScript disabled will now be able to use the page on mobile devices
  • New plug-in: jQuery Parallax for awesome looking parallax scrolling
  • Improved 404 and 403 pages: these pages now displays links to the page and to my social networks
14 (Final)
19 Jan 2016
4 Nov 2015
  • Big rewrite of several back-end functions
  • Added support for multiple languages
  • English language is now available
  • New private page: Admin for easier maintenance of the site
3 Nov 2015
  • New design
  • New page: Copyright, where you in details can see what is under copyright and under which license, as well as information about how to contact me about this
  • New page: Technologies/Changelog, where you can see which technologies and plug-ins the site use, as well as this changelog for tracking changes
  • Two new private pages: User and logout for internal use
  • Text corrections
13 (Final)
1 Nov 2015
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